How To Fish For Flounder From A Boat

Learning how to fish for flounder from a boat takes some time, but it is an engaging activity and it is both fun and rewarding throughout. Live or cut bait may be used when angling from a boat. Try using finger mullet for live bait, and cut mullet, menhaden, squid, or shrimp for cut bait. There are specific rigs meant for bait fishing for flounder, known as, not surprisingly, flounder rigs. Artificial lures can also work well for flounder. Fishermen using lures may have some success using jig heads with grubs.

Materials for Fishing for Flounder from a Boat

  • Boat
  • Fishing rods and reels with ten pound test line
  • Lures and bait (plastic grubs and jig heads, and live and cut bait)
  • Rigs

Steps for Flounder Fishing from a Boat

  1. Fishing with bait is often the easiest way to fish for flounder from a boat. Try this by casting rigs with live mullet, or cut bait, and letting them rest on the bottom in sounds, river mouths, around wrecks, and around near shore structure often works very well. Standard bottom rigs, or special flounder rigs are ideal for this type of fishing. Try this for the easiest success.
  2. Try using artificial lures, such as plastic grubs. "Got-Cha" jig heads and soft plastic grubs work wonders for flounder, sea trout, bluefish, drum, and more. To fish these for flounder, anchor up beside a drop off or hole (any deeper area) in the bottom, and cast them out. Slow reel the lures back toward the boat, and every few seconds, give the rod a twitch up. This will give the lure motion, and flounder will take it for a fleeing bait fish or shrimp. The key to this type of fishing is pace: when using artificial lures for flounder from the boat, fish slowly, keeping the lures close to the bottom. Make sure to fish the same spot for some time; do not cast once, and then move on.
  3. Always hit any spot for at least several minutes. Casting a couple of times will not do the trick, as lie on the bottom, and often miss lures or bait in their vicinities. Be patient, and, when fishing the right spot, flounder will cooperate.

Fishing for flounder from a boat can be a very productive activity. Be sure, whether using natural bait or artificial lures, to target deeper areas or areas of structure, and fish slowly. The more time a lure or bait spends on or near the bottom, the better the opportunity a nice flounder has to snatch it.

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