How To Fish A Swimbait In The Surf

Learning how to fish a swim bait in the surf can take some time, as you must know where to fish and how to retrieve the bait. However, once you learn the technique for fishing the surf with a swim bait, you can have great success, as flounder, drum, bluefish, striped bass and other fish all crave these baits. The following tips will help you fish a swim bait in the surf.

  1. First, select the right bait to use. On calmer days, a light bait that does not have too much weight can be best, but on rougher days, when waves are larger, heavier swim baits generally work better.
  2. Next, find the spot in the surf that you will fish. When casting lures, you will need to find pockets, drop offs or holes near the shore, as, unlike bait fishing, you will not cast out and wait for fish to catch the scent of the bait. Rather, you need to get the bait to the fish. Look for deeper areas near the shore. Waves from both sides should overlap in these pockets.
  3. Cast out fairly far, and then begin the retrieve. To retrieve a swim bait in the surf, raise the rod tip up, giving the bait motion, and then reel the slack as you lower the rod tip. Repeat this process, which will have the lure looking like an injured minnow, until it is in, and then repeat. Stay at it; it can take many casts to garner results, but when fished in this manner, any swim bait is irresistible to drum, flounder, bluefish and stripers.

Learning how to fish a swim bait in the surf can be a difficult process, but it is always a fun process. Keep at it, and work the same waters many times. This will often lead to success.

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