How To Fist A Woman For Her Pleasure

It’s actually rather simple to learn how to fist a woman for her pleasure. Fisting is the sexual act of putting your whole hand inside a woman’s vagina or anus. While some people might think this sounds uncomfortable, when done correctly fisting can actually be pleasurable. Fisting can be performed on a woman vaginally or anally. There can be risk associated with fisting so this is a sexual act you will need to discuss with your partner beforehand.

What you will need to fist a woman:

  • Rubber glove
  • Lubrication
  • A comfortable place for the woman to lay down
  1. Cut your nails. If you have ever stimulated your woman’s vagina with your fingers (more commonly known as fingering) then you know that fingernails can be uncomfortable. Even if your partner likes finger nails during fingering, she probably will not during fisting. Having any tip of point to your fingernails can be dangerous during fingering. To ensure your partner’s safety cut and file them.
  2. Put on the glove. For safety you should wear a rubber glove. If you have an open cut on your hand this is even more important. The glove will also make your hand smooth. Rough patches in your skin could make the experience uncomfortable.
  3. Stimulate your partner and use lubrication. You can do this anyway that your partner will enjoy. If you are going to try anal fisting then you should stimulate the anus as well. Be sure to use lube during this time to make sure the area to be fisted is very lubricated.
  4. Use lubrication. Even if you used lube during the previous step, use lubrication on your gloved hand. You can’t use enough lube and not having enough can increase the chance of pain for your partner.
  5. Start to insert your fingers. You will need to do this slowly. Start out by inserting one finger and then work up. Don’t make this all about working your hand inside but about giving her pleasure. The buildup is part of the fisting experience. Try stimulating her while you do this by playing with her clit with your free hand. You should also talk to your partner during this time in case you hurt her.
  6. Start to put your hand inside. Again go slow and talk to your partner. Use more lubrication if you need to. Do not use force. If at any time your partner asks you to stop slowly pull your hand out.
  7. Carefully work your hand in deeper. The knuckles are the widest part of your hand and will be the most difficult to insert. Having your partner bear down, like during a bowel movement or childbirth, can be helpful. Be sure to communicate with your partner. Some might find this part slightly uncomfortable (It should not be painful) while other women will find this pleasurable.
  8. Stimulate your partner. You can slowly rotate your hand now. Other women prefer for their partner to make gentle pumping movements with their hand. The sensations she will experience will be very intense and you should keep asking her what feels good.
  9. Remove your hand. To do this make a wedge out of your hand. Then gently slide your hand out slowly. Do not rush it.
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