How To Fit Carpet

Ripping out your old carpet and need to learn how to fit carpet? Laying new carpet in your home is not difficult and can be done in no time at all. Taking the right steps in fitting carpet can save money. learn how to fit carpet  yourself and you will never need a carpet installer. If you are the type of person who likes to save money and do it yourself read on and learn how to fit carpet.

How to fit carpet:

  1. The first thing you need to do when fitting a carpet is rip out the old carpet. To rip out the old carpet, you will first need to remove the trim work around your floor and doors. This must be done before you actually rip out the old carpet.
  2. Vacuum the old carpet. This will get up any dirt, dust or debris. It makes it easier to roll up the old carpet if you have less dirt going with it.  Added bonus, you will not be breathing in dust.
  3. Next, cut carpet into pieces or sections. Cutting the old carpet makes it easier to take out. Cut sections in sizes that are easy for you to handle when removing. Once you have it cut into sections you can roll up the sections and throw them away.
  4. Once you have successfully ripped out the old carpet, you will want to clean the sub flooring before fitting your new carpet. Do not leave any dirt or dust. Scrub anything that may be on the floor and allow to dry completely.
  5. Determine the area of the room to fit carpet. Measure the room and get an accurate size. This will allow you to get the correct size carpet needed for your room. Measure the longest wall and multiply width and length then divide by nine. This will give you the square yardage of your room.
  6. Remover doors for best results. Removing the door to the room you are working in ensures you get a great fit. Take the door off the hinges and store in another room until you are finished with the new carpet.
  7. Next, install  tack strips around the walls. Cut strips to the desired length. Nail tacks to the floor about a half inch from the wall. Make sure to use the corrects tacks for your size carpet.
  8. Now it is time to install the carpet pad. Roll carpet pad in opposite direction you will be rolling your carpet. Tack the carpet pad about a half inch from the tack strips. Stretch pads and staple any seams together and make sure pads are flat. Notch any corners and trim off excess padding.
  9. Next, roll out carpet and fit carpet to size by cutting to fit the length of your room. Allow a couple extra inches to ensure a good fit. Any excess can be trimmed away. Roll carpet up and carry inside to the room.
  10. Roll carpet out and begin to straighten out. Be sure to trim around corners and edges. Use a knee kicker to attach the carpet to tack strips. Stretch to fit carpet as you attach to tack strips. Continue this process until your carpet is installed. Trim any carpet that is not needed. Sit back and enjoy your new carpet.

Now that you have read and learned how to fit carpet. Let the home projects begin.

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