How To Fit Hockey Skates

If you are new to hockey or just need to replace equipment, it is beneficial to know how to fit hockey skates. Sports footwear needs to fit better than other types of shoes. No one wants their hockey game to suffer due to ill-fitting skates. Before you start the search, find the right way of how to fit hockey skates. Take the following notes that assure the best hockey skate fit.

  1. Be position specific. An important aspect of how to fit hockey skates relate to your position when on the ice. Goalies need a boot that has low ankle support with foot protection and a blade that has a large radius. Defensive players need a longer blade giving more contact with the ice. The forward position does better with shorter blades that help them move around.
  2. Use a size plan. Locate a size chart that is specific to skates because the sizing defers from regular footwear. Go to a sports store that regularly sells hockey equipment to ensure correct sizing in how to fit hockey skates.
  3. Prep for fitting. Wear the same type of socks that are used when playing to have an authentic feel. Most hockey players wear thick socks as they figure out how to fit hockey skates. During fitting, make sure the skates are tightly laced due to need to be maneuver.

Congratulations! You now have the information needed to know how to fit hockey skates. Remember to consider the position played and that hockey skates should be tight fitting to ensure reliability on the ice. 




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