How To Fit A Ice Hockey Goalie Stick

If you're a serious hockey goalie, then you need to know how to fit an ice hockey goalie stick. Adopting the proper technique to size a ice hockey goalie stick is an important ingredient to your success as a goalie. You may not think a ice hockey goalie stick is all important, considering they are quipped with a glove and are fully padded. Nothing could be further from the truth, as a properly sized ice hockey goalie stick is a vital part of the goalie’s arsenal. The goalie’s ice hockey stick is an additional tool for blocking, deflecting and defending against the competition. It is also a valuable tool to help protect the goalie from charging opponents. Indeed, the properly sized ice hockey goalie stick is very important.

Also, be aware that the ice hockey goalie stick is not the same dimensions as the usual offenseman’s or defenseman’s ice hockey stick. The goalie ice hockey stick is wider from the blade up to about one third up the shaft. The goalie’s sick is also much heavier and made of wood and ‘plated’ in fiberglass or Kevlar. Goalie sticks are made to absorb and deaden the puck upon impact, unlike a regular stick.

What you will need:

  • Sporting goods or specialty store
  • Ice hockey skates (yours)
  • Selection of ice hockey goalie sticks

How to size a goalie ice hockey stick:

  1. Once at the store, make yourself comfortable.
  2. Put on your ice hockey skates
  3. Select a few stick styles, straight blade, curved etc.
  4. Place the toe of the blade on the floor in front of you
  5. Bring the tip of the ice hockey stick towards your face
  6. The handle “knob” should rest between the tip of your nose and your chin
  7. Handle the stick and get a feel for the different styles
  8. Chose your favorite and have fun!