How To Fit Iron Golf Shafts For A Golfer

Want to learn how to fit iron golf shafts for a golfer and beat the rest of your foursome on any course? Many golfers are accustomed to using lightweight shafts for their drivers, but never thought of using them in your iron golf shafts. Here are some basic rules to fit an iron golf shafts.

  1. Use light way shafts to increase distance and accuracy. Low handicap golfers think using heavy, highly flexible iron shafts is the best option to fit iron golf shafts for a golfer. Middle to High handicap players to use a mid weight iron shaft, but these iron shafts are still considered heavy by other available options.
  2. Demo a few graphite shafts.  Hit a bucket of balls on the driving range using a graphite iron golf shaft. Next, hit another bucket with your heavier iron shafts.
  3. Compare the results to your heavy iron shafts. Most golfers find their golf shots wind up closer to the target using a lighter weight golf iron shaft. Using a lighter weight shaft will give you more control over your golf shot. The gain in light iron shafts are higher loft and trajectory which translates into better stopping ability as the ball hits the green.
  4. Do use iron shafts the PGA players use. Instead, check out what the LPGA players use for golf iron shafts. These players do not swing as hard to get the distance on the golf course, which also helps you to get improved accuracy. You don't need to choose graphite shafts for light weight. There are also steel shafts available in very light weight designs.
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