How To Fit Kids’ Football Gloves

As with any sport, it's important to have the right equipment for football, so knowing how to fit kids' football gloves will help your young player get started off right. If you need specific guidance in buying football gloves, check with your child's coach for recommendations on glove type and recommended brands.

Before choosing football gloves for your kids, you should know:

  • What position he or she is playing
  • General hand size
  • What kind of gloves the coach or organization recommends
  1. Find gloves appropriate to the position. Different positions in football require different types of gloves. Some provide extra padding to protect the hands, while others are constructed to allow maximum flexibility. Your young football player will need gloves that will contribute to game performance.
  2. Determine your kids' hand size. Most football gloves are sized in general terms such as small, medium, large and extra large. Football gloves require a snug fit to prevent them from moving around and interfering with game play. In addition, different brands might provide a tighter or looser fit depending upon how the company determines its standard sizes.
  3. Choose the gloves. The final choice should be based on what gloves work best for your kids. Be sure the gloves are comfortable, functional, and of a brand that will hold up to long-term use.

Gloves should be snug, but not too tight. If they are uncomfortable, it will be detrimental to your kids' game. Be sure to check the wrist tightness as well as the tightness through the hands and fingers. Padding should be sufficient to protect the hands, but should not interfere with hand movement.



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