How To Fit The Right Ferrule On A Golf Club

Learning how to fit the right ferrule on a golf club is better left to the pro shop. Fitting a ferrule on a golf club is based on the diameter of the club. The right ferrule will fit snuggle above the hosel (top of the golf club head). The fight ferrule will fit snug on the club. The main purpose of the ferrule on a golf club is to make a smooth transition from club head to the shaft. The right ferrule will provide this transition on your golf club and improve the looks of the club. Keep in mind that the right ferrule for your club will not improve your play. The instructions below will walk you through the process.

What you will need for this:

  • Proper size ferrule
  • Golf Club
  • Diameter of the club at the fitting point with the hosel
  • Shaft adhesive
  • Blowtorch or heat gun
  • Rag
  • Small blade knife
  • Shaft diameter ring set
  1. Remove the club head from the shaft. Use a blowtorch or heat gun to loosen the epoxy holding the club head in place. Once loose, remove the head. Use the rag and small knife to clean out the excess adhesive.
  2. Use the shaft diameter ring set to determine the shaft diameter. Purchase a ferrule of your choice that meets the diameter. Place the ferrule onto the shaft to validate the fit.
  3. Place adhesive on the shaft where the ferrule fits. Place the ferrule on and then add adhesive to the bottom of the shaft. Next, refit the club head, pushing the hosel flush against the ferrule.

Note: Allow 24 to 48 hours for the adhesive to dry.

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