How To Fit Skate Skis

It’s important to know how to fit skate skis correctly for the comfort and safety of the skier. Skate skiing is a quicker, more intense type of skiing than traditional skiing. When skate skiing, you mimic the action of ice skating, giving yourself a full body workout and an adrenaline rush at the same time.

  1. Consider your experience level and the area where you intend to ski. Wider skate skis give more stability, useful for those with less experience, while more narrow skis are easier to maneuver with.
  2. When choosing length of skate skis, a good rule of thumb is that skis should be anywhere from as long as the skiers height, to five or ten centimeters shorter than the person. More experienced skiers can go with skis closer to their height, while those with less should stick to shorter skis to reduce the likelihood of getting tripped up by their own skis.
  3. As far as flex in skate skis goes, it’s a matter of personal preference. Beginners who are unsure should rent different types of skate skis to see what’s best for them. A good bet if you’re unsure is to ask for a skate ski with medium flex.
  4. Ski boots should be close fitting, but comfortable. Ski boots for skate skiing should be a bit stiffer than those used for traditional skiing. When trying on boots for skate skiing, wear the socks you’ll be wearing for skiing to ensure a good fit. Salespeople at ski shops should be able to help you determine the correct size of boot and length of ski if you’re unsure.

Getting fitted correctly for skate skis can make all the difference in your performance, as well as your comfort. Take the time to try different brands and lengths of skate skis before committing to buy a pair.

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