How To Fit A Window

Do you need to learn how to fit a window? Replacing windows is extremely easy if you know how to fit a window properly. Windows come in different sizes and shapes. Be sure to choose the right sized window for your needs. Tilt windows make for easier cleaning. Many people choose these windows just for that reason. If you are thinking or getting ready to replace windows, read on for information on how to fit a window.

Things you'll need:

  • Tape line
  • Moisture seal
  • New window
  • Another person
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Window framing
  • Wall boards (optional)
  1. Start by taking out the old window. Once the window is removed, remove any caulking that may be present. Wipe down the area so that it will be clean when you are ready for the new window.
  2. Measure the window. Use a tape line and measure the length and width of the window. This lets you know what size window you need to purchase.
  3. Place moisture seal around inside of window. This prevents leaks. Moisture wrap should be at least eight inches thick. Cut slits into corners of windows.
  4. Now that you have your window picked out, it is time to replace the old window. Unwrap window from paper and set in window space. You may need an extra set of hands for this step. Have someone help hold window in place.
  5. Now that your window is set in place, check to ensure window is level. Place level on the side of the window. Check to ensure window is level on all sides.
  6. Place framing around the window. Make sure framing is flush with the window. Once trim is flush, nail in place.
  7. If gaps are present, replace with wall coverings. Wall boards should be placed to fit gaps. Fit as closely as possible to ensure the best look. Now that trim work is complete, your work is finished and you have a new window in place.

Do-it-yourself projects are the best way to save money. Fitting a window yourself will save you the stress of hiring someone to fit a window for you.



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