How To Fix A 2000 Ford Focus Window

If you are hearing that dreaded crunching noise when you are pushing your power window button and wish to save some money, you may want to know how to fix a 2000 Ford Focus window. This is a pretty common problem with power windows in any automobile, if they are used regularly. Usually when you hear the crunching sound or humming, and the window doesn't move up or down, the regulator assembly will have to be replaced. Follow these simple steps to fix the window on your Ford Focus and save a bundle that you would have to pay a body shop.

 To fix a 2000 Ford Focus window you will need:

  • new regulator assembly, including the cable
  • screwdriver
  1. Remove the door panel. You will need to remove the screw that fastens the door panel to the interior section of the door assembly. The door panel is attached around the edges with clips. Carefully pry the door panel away from the interior section of the door assembly until the panel is free. Be careful not to break any of the clips or your door panel will not fasten back correctly.
  2. Remove the damaged regulatory assembly. You will first have to release the window from the damaged regulator by pushing out a two piece plastic pin. After you have done this, you are ready to unbolt and remove the assembly.
  3. Install the new regulator assembly for your 2000 Ford Focus. Wedge your window in the up position. Use your screwdriver to bolt the new regulator back into place. Re-install the two piece plastic clip that fastens your window to the regulator assembly. Make sure all parts are properly secured and undamaged.
  4. Remove the device you used to wedge the window and replace your door panel. Push all of the door clips in firmly. Make sure to replace the screw at your door handle. Start your 2000 Ford Focus and test your window.
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