How To Fix ATV’s

Knowing how to fix ATV’s when you are having simple problems can help you save some money; however, you may need professional assistance if the ATV repairs are beyond your capability. Basic issues often include wear and tear on the tires, or simple cosmetic fixes. If your ATV has engine or transmission problems, you may want to consult with a mechanic to get some help if you are not sure how to fix ATVs.

  1. Try and fix ATVs on your own. Common issues like spark plugs and oil changes are simple to handle by yourself. Once you fix ATVs, if they still do not run properly, you may want to get some outside assistance. Try to get a free estimate from different sources, so you can choose the best one to use.
  2. Find out if the ATV repairs are covered under warranty. If the ATV is still under warranty, contact the warranty company to see if the type of repairs you need to make are included in the coverage. Ask the warranty company to recommend a qualified mechanic to use to fix ATVs. Find out in advance the paperwork you need to complete to have the warranty take care of the repairs.
  3. Contact the dealership where you bought your ATV for help. Find out if the dealer offers a free diagnostic review of the ATV. Arrange to have your ATV transported to the dealer’s service department, and find out how long the repair check will take. If the ATV requires extensive repairs, ask the dealer to give you an estimate so you have an idea of the cost to fix ATVs.
  4. If the dealership does not offer ATV service, try a mechanic. Many motorcycle mechanics also fix ATVs. Take the ATV to the mechanic and tell them exactly what issues you have been having with the ATV. For example, if the engine has not been running smooth, or the chassis was damaged when you were riding over rough terrain, let the mechanic know so they can give you an idea of what the repairs will cost.
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