How To Fix A Bicycle Axle With Coaster Brakes

Need to know how to fix a bicycle axle with coaster brakes? Fixing a bicycle axle with coaster brakes usually requires replacement of the axle. Replacing the axle on a bicycle with coaster brakes can be done by anyone. The key to completing the job is patience and attention. First contact a bicycle shop to make sure they have the replacement axle in stock.

Once you get your new axle you will need tools, they are:

  • A set of open end wrenches
  • A medium sized pair of vise-grip locking pliers
  • A small phillips head screwdriver
  • Rags
  • Newspaper
  1. Cover the floor around your work area with the newspaper. This will be where the greasy parts can be stored as they are removed. Remember to place each part on the newspaper in the order that it was removed for easy replacement or reference.
  2. Unscrew the brake arm. The brake arm is silver and is located on the right side of the rear wheel. Use the phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the brake arm from its bracket and free the brake arm from the bicycle's frame.
  3. Remove the wheel nuts. Remove the wheel nut and washer on the left side of the axle first using the vise-grip pliers. Then loosen the wheel nut and washer on the right side of the axle using the vise-grip pliers.  Take the chain off of the sprocket and remove the wheel.
  4. Remove the inner nut. Use the proper open end wrench along with the vise-grip pliers to loosen the inner nut on the left side of the axle. Then pull the axle through the sprocket, right side of the wheel. The brake pads and or ball bearings may or may not fall out, so take your time and observe them when removing the axle. There should be enough axle grease inside the wheel to hold them in place.
  5. Install your new axle. You may have to make some minor adjustments to the inner nuts of the new axle to make sure the axle will install evenly. After you have made your adjustments put the new axle in through the sprocket side of the wheel. Tighten the inner nuts.
  6. Put the wheel back on.  Put the wheel back onto the bicycle frame. Put the washers and nuts back onto the new axle and tighten the nuts with the vise-grip pliers. Test the wheel for trouble free rotation and braking. Test ride the bicycle to make sure the brakes and new axle are working properly.

Remember to double check the your wheel nuts for tightness. Be sure to take it easy on the first few rides until you are certain the brakes and new axle on the bicycle are working properly.

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