How To Fix A Bike Chain

Knowing how to fix a bike chain will enable you to continue enjoying your bike if a problem with the chain ever occurs. Sometimes there are problems with the links in the chain that can stop you from riding. This is a rather simple repair process that will have you back on your bike in a short amount of time.

To fix a bike chain, you will need:

  • Chain tool
  • Replacement link
  1. Locate the problem. Find the broken link in the chain and use the chain tool to push the pin out of the broken link. This is done by screwing the pin contained on the chain tool. Be careful not to completely remove the pin from the chain because it can be very tricky to replace it back into the chain. Repeat the pin removal process on both ends of the broken link.
  2. Snap the two pieces apart and remove the broken link. This will leave you with two link grips with two partially removed pins. 
  3. Place the new link in between one of the pin grips. Face the pin towards you and use your chain tool to re-insert the pin through the link. This is done by screwing the pin on the chain tool in the opposite direction then when you removed the pin. 
  4. Insert the opposite end of the new link in between the opposite pin grip. Replace this one in the same manner it took to replace the first pin. Grab both ends of the new chain link and shake from front to back. This will help loosen the chain and prevent future problems.
  5. Now you can replace the chain on the bike. Elevate the bike so the rear wheel can spin freely. Place the chain over the teeth found on the sprocket located on the back wheel. Replace the chain over the top half of the front sprocket. Turn the peddles forward gently and continue a few times around. The chain will now be fixed, replaced and ready to be used.
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