How To Fix BlackBerry 8100 Hourglass

This article will help you learn how to fix a BlackBerry 8100 with an hourglass. Any electronic product will lock up at times and only show an hourglass. This can be very frustrating, but in most cases very easy to fix. Below are some things you can do to fix this problem.

  1. The first thing to try is a soft reset. You do this by pressing the ALT + CAP + DELETE keys on your Blackberry at the same time.
  2. If a soft reset didn’t fix your hourglass problem on your BlackBerry 8100 then a hard reset may fix it. To do this, find the reset button at on the back of the Blackberry. This button may be near the bottom or could be under the battery. Press the reset button by using a paper clip or a pin. You will not lose any data by doing a hard reset on a BlackBerry.
  3. If you still have the hourglass take the battery out of your phone and put it back in. You need to take the back cover of your phone off to pull the battery out.
  4. If the BlackBerry 8100 is low on memory it can cause the hourglass problem. To check, click on Options—Status and look under File Free. If this number is low then you need to free up some memory on your BlackBerry 8100. The steps below will show you how.
  5. You can delete unused languages to free up memory. Click on Options—Advanced Options—Applications. Scroll to the unused languages and highlight them. Press Menu then Delete on your phone. You will be prompted to restart your phone. Say no until you remove all languages. Once they are all deleted remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds then reboot.
  6. Call logs can get pretty big. To remove them, go into the messages application and press the Menu key. Select View Folder—Phone Call Logs. Scroll to the first date and highlight it. Press the Menu key and then Delete Prior.
  7. The sample video on a BlackBerry 8100 can take up space. To remove this, click on Options – Advanced Options—Applications. Highlight the sample vide. Press the Menu key and choose Delete.
  8. Deleting cookies and clearing the cache can free up space. To do this, go into your browser application then press the Menu key. Select Options—Cache Operations. Click on Clear History. You do the same for Cookie Cache.

If you do all of the above steps and your BlackBerry 8100 still has an hourglass, then you may want to contact your cell phone provider.

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