How To Fix Bleach On Jeans

If you've ever had a laundry accident, you may need to know how to fix bleach on jeans. There are several remedies you can try to cover up or disguise the bleach stain on your jeans, depending on the extent of the damage. Fixing bleach on jeans can make your jeans as good as new–or turn them into a new and creative piece of clothing.

To fix bleach on jeans, you will need:

  • Permanent marker or fabric marker
  • Fabric dye
  • Patch
  • Bleach
  1. Color in the bleach spot on your jeans with permanent marker or fabric marker. This method works best for very small bleach spots–for example, if you accidentally dripped bleach on the jeans in a non-obvious area–but not for larger stains.
  2. Dye the jeans back to their original color with fabric dye. Make sure you can find dye that's very close to the original color of the jeans before they got bleached.
  3. Patch the bleached spot. Patches are much more obvious than markers or dye, but if you use creative and artistic patches to cover up a bleach spot on your jeans you can create an entirely new clothing item from your bleach-damaged jeans.
  4. Tie-dye the jeans with bleach. If your jeans are heavily bleach-damaged or have bleach spots in several places, try dripping or sponging bleach over the jeans to create tie-dye-like patterns to create an '80s-inspired look that's coming back in style.


  • Prevent bleached jeans by not drying jeans with freshly bleached clothes, rinsing your washing machine's bleach dispenser after using bleach and being careful not to splash bleach.
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