How To Fix BMX Freestyle Mongoose Forks

If you need to know how to fix BMX freestyle mongoose forks quickly, then read on. Fixing the forks on a BMX bicycle is not that much different from making a repair on any other 20 inch bike.

Things You Will Need to Fix BMX Freestyle Mongoose Forks:

  • Wrenches
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Clamp
  • A way to bend metal or a new Mongoose fork

To Fix BMX Freestyle Mongoose Forks

  1. Use a wrench to remove the pegs. Unscrew the bolts on both sides and remove the wheel. Do not take air out of the tire or mess with it in any other way.
  2. Remove the brake cable from the front of the bike. Move the cable out of the way and attach the caliper so it does not come off of the handlebars.
  3. Remove the handlebars. Most handlebars on BMX Freestyle Mongoose Bikes are attached by a block to the fork. Take out the bolts and set them aside carefully. Move the handlebars out of the way.
  4. Remove the Ball bearings and any other items in the shaft before removing the mongoose fork. Take the fork out and place it in the metal clamp. Bend the bar to where it should be.
  5. Put the fork back into the bike. Replace the ball bearings in your BMX Freestyle Mongoose Forks and the internal guts of the forks.
  6. Place the handlebar into the block and pull the block together.  Screw the bolts into the block. Switch to the wrenches when they become too tight to move with your hands.
  7. Place the brake cable back on the caliper. Make sure the brakes work before putting on the wheel. Put the wheel back on the bike and screw the pegs back onto the bicycle frame.

Go test the bicycle and make sure the brakes are working properly. Make sure the forks are properly aligned before testing the bike out.  If you do not feel comfortable making these changes on your own, most bicycle shops can fix BMX Freestyle Mongoose forks for a fee.

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