How To Fix Boombox Cassette Belt

Here are some instructions for how to fix boombox cassette belt. Maybe your still stuck in the 80's or maybe you just have a lot of cassette tapes that you hate to part with. Then again, maybe you like to be able to share your music with everyone. Whatever the reason for your having your boombox,  having a non-working cassette player can be a real pain. Follow these instructions and soon you should be grooving to the smooth sounds on your tapes.

To repair the cassette belt on your boombox you will need:

  • boombox with broken belt
  • q-tips
  • tweezers
  • screwdriver
  • rubber cleaner
  • long-nosed pliers
  • replacement belt
  • white grease
  1. Remove any cassette still in the machine and then make sure it is powered down and unplugged before attempting any repairs.
  2. Find the screws that hold the cover on the boombox. Remove them and then remove the cover. Make sure to put the screws in a safe spot to avoid losing any.
  3. Locate the drive belts for the cassette decks inside the boombox. Remember that these belts are a part of the tape transport system.
  4. Once you have found the belts check to see if they appear loose or stretched out. If the belt is not broken touch them to see if they feel sticky or greasy. If they feel greasy or oily use a q-tip dipped in rubber cleaner to gently clean the belt. Make sure to advance the belt in order to clean all of the belt.
  5. If the belt is broken or stretched out use the pliers or tweezers to reach in and retrieve it. If you have to remove any other belts to get to the one you are replacing remember how those belts go on, draw a diagram if needed to assist you when putting them back on.
  6. Put replacement belt on and replace any belts you had to remove.
  7. Replace the panel you removed and put the screws back in place to hold it on.

Now that you have the boombox back together plug it in and turn it on. Grab up a cassette tape and put in it and hit the play button. You should be enjoying the music coming from your now working cassette player. Congratulations on replacing that broken belt!

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