How To Fix Bridge On A 12 String Acoustic Guitar

If you are an acoustic guitar player, chances are you like twelve strings, and you will probably eventually need to know how to change a bridge on a twelve string acoustic guitar.  This is a pretty simple process if you know the basics of guitar maintenance and generally is good and bad to do when working on the guitar.

What you will need:

  • Soldering iron
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • New bridge (get one that is designed for your specific guitar!)
  • Glue such as Titebond
  1. The first step to pulling to bridge of a twelve string acoustic guitar off is soldering it off by putting some hot solder on it using the soldering iron. What this actually does is melts the glue that holds the bridge to the guitar, and makes it much easier, and in fact, much less damaging to pull the bridge off of the guitar. If you don’t use the solder it could damage your guitars body by ripping of pieces of wood and paint. Warning: Make sure not to get solder on the guitar as it could ruin the paint!
  2. Next, using the flat head screwdriver and hammer, force the bridge off of the acoustic guitar. You can do this by placing the flat head screwdriver in between the old bridge and the body, and gently tap it with hammer, it should come off relatively easy if considering the glue is melted and for the most part, gone.
  3. Now, using the Titebond or other brand of glue designed for these sorts of jobs, glue the new bridge in the old bridges place. Make sure to be very careful when putting the bridge on the acoustic guitar that you get it on straight in the spot where the old bridge was!
  4. Allow the glue to dry before continuing anything else with the acoustic guitar, such as string replacement. If you don’t let the glue dry the bridge could possibly move around, thereby ruining all of your hard work!
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