How To Fix Broken Glasses Frames

Do you want to learn how to fix broken glasses frames? Whatever the case may be, we know that having your glasses frames suddenly break is not a fun experience in the least, and buying brand new frames is the last thing anybody wants to do. However, there are some things you can do with your broken glasses frames to get them back into working order quickly.

To fix the broken glasses frames, you will need:

  • A small eye glasses repair kit
  • Clear nail polish
  • Krazy Glue
  1. Examine the source of the damage. In most cases of trying to fix broken glasses frames, people find that the small screws that attach the arms of the glasses to the actual frames somehow get misplaced, so in your case, you might actually be missing a screw. In other cases, the arms can break off from the frames, so a little bit more of a repair could be needed.
  2. If the screw is missing, replace it. In most cases, a screw could just be gone from the frames, and a replacement screw will fix the problem. There’s no need to go about gluing or trying to reattach the arm to the frames if the problem is simply a missing screw, as that is a more makeshift fix, and you can easily restore the arm’s flexibility with a screw. If this is not the problem, skip to step three.
  3. If the screw has become loose, tighten it. If the root of the problem is the screw becoming a tad bit loose, use the screwdriver within the repair kit to tighten the screw. After tightening the screw, use the clear nail polish to paint over the head of the screw to secure it in place. If this is not the problem, skip to step four.
  4. In some cases, the arms of the glasses frames can simply break away. This is totally common, but it’s not advised to simply go out and purchase brand new frames. Instead, you can easily begin preparing the broken glasses frames by scraping away any paint or old glue around the area that you will reattach. Once you’ve prepared the site of the break, dab a moderate amount of Krazy Glue to the end of the arm and reattach it to the frames. Krazy Glue tends to dry insanely quick, so be extra careful when applying the glue and trying to fix broken glasses frames. Just make sure to allow the broken glasses frames to dry for approximately a half a minute to a full minute.
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