How To Fix Burn Marks On My Flat Screen TV

Are you thinking to yourself, "I need to know how to fix burn marks on my flat screen TV"? Fixing burn marks on a flat screen TV is something you can do from the comfort of your home. Burn marks on a flat screen TV can make for an unpleasant viewing experience and be quite annoying if not fixed. They are most common on plasma and LCD televisions, and occur when pixels display one color or image for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, there are several proven methods to reduce the intensity of burn marks, or even completely erase them.

  1. Fixing burn marks on a flat screen plasma television is simple. Early model plasma televisions were susceptible to ghosting images and burn marks, but thankfully the effects were only temporary. If you can see noticeable burn marks, simply change the channel to a bright white background. Most plasma televisions have a similar function built directly into the menu, so locate it and enable it. This will reset the pixels and erase any burn marks. If your plasma television does not have this option, locate a channel that has a bright, solid color background and let it sit for ten to twenty minutes. Also, if your plasma television features a burn-in reduction option, make sure it is enabled.  This will prevent future burn marks and will ensure your plasma television lives a long and productive life.
  2. If you own a flat screen LCD television, fixing burn marks can be quite tricky. There is no proven method for removing burn marks on this type of display, but there are several different methods you can try. Please note that you should never attempt to disassemble your LCD television’s screen, as this will damage the material inside and corrupt your picture quality.
  3. By changing the channel to an unused frequency (white noise) you can effectively jolt the frozen pixels back to life. This occurs because the white noise you see from an unused channel is constantly and randomly moving. Simply locate an unused channel (or unplug your cable/cable box) and let your flat screen television sit for at least one hour. Afterwards, turn your television off and let it sit for another hour. When you finally turn it back on, the burn marks should be less noticeable or completely gone.
  4. Most contemporary DVD players feature a burn-in reduction screen saver that can assist a troubled LCD television. Turn on your DVD player and locate this option in the menu. Let the screen saver run for at least one hour. Afterwards, turn off your television and let it sit for another hour. If your DVD player does not have this function, you can obtain a burn-in reduction screen saver DVD at most electronic retail stores.
  5. Decrease the brightness. To safeguard your television from future burn marks, lower the brightness to an adequate level. Having it set too high will allow burn mark to form more easily, so setting it to a level that is acceptable by your standards is always a good idea. If burn marks are already present, and if the above methods did not work for your television, decreasing the brightness will mask them.
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