How To Fix A Car Window

If you are tired of riding around with the windows up on a hot day, you are probably wondering how to fix a car window.  Car windows can be downright finicky at times.  Sometimes they won't go up.  Sometimes they won't go down.  With this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to take on your car window and come out a winner.

Things You Will Need

  • Owner's manual for car
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement fuse
  • Needle-nose pliers
  1. The first step in fixing a car window is to check the fuse for it.  A blown fuse can cause the window to malfunction.  The fuse box is located under the dashboard in most cars.  Use your owner's manual to locate the correct fuse for the window.  If the fuse is blown, use needle-nose pliers to pull it out, and replace the fuse.  It is important to use the correct fuse for the replacement.  
  2. If the car window still will not work, check the window for a motor issue.  A fault motor will cause an electric window to stop working altogether.  To test for motor issues, open the door of your car, turn the ignition, and try to roll down the window.  If the dome light dims while trying to roll down the window, you will need a skilled mechanic to replace the motor.  
  3. Check your car for a reset switch.  Some vehicles have been equipped with a reset switch to help fix a car window.  Remove the door panel from your car and locate the reset switch.  The reset switch is easily identifiable.  After resetting the window, replace the door panel, and test the car window. 

Most issues you encounter while trying to fix a car window will require the skills of a mechanic.  If the repairs to the window are covered by a warranty, take advantage of it and head to an authorized mechanic.

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