How To Fix A Clip On Tie

When you're in a fix, you may need to immediately know how to fix a clip on tie. Whether you're about to walk out the door and your clip on tie broke as you went to put it on, or your child came to you with their broken tie asking you how to fix it, you will probably need this done quickly and fairly simply. Your goal is essentially to get the tie attached to your shirt and collar, while maintaining a professional or dressy appearance. So here's how to make it happen.

How to fix a clip on tie using a safety pin:

Safety pins are the ultimate fix-all. When it comes to clip-on ties, they pull through to provide an easy solution. This is probably the simplest route to take, so if you have any safety pins laying around, you might consider using one to pin your broken clip on tie to your shirt collar in a pinch.

  1. This is a one-step process. Simply slip the safety pin through the back of the tie and then to through the shirt.

TIP: Make sure most of the safety pin is on the inside of your shirt. It may not be as comfortable, but it will look much better.

How to fix a clip on tie using a paper clip:

If you don't have a safety pin, a paper clip could work, too. This method, however, is only possible if your clip on tie criss-crosses on the back of the knot (like regular ties do), or if there is something on the back of the knot to which you can attach a paperclip.

  1. It is ideal if you can slip the paperclip into the tie horizontally.
  2. After doing so, bring the tie close to your collar and clip the paperclip to your shirt horizontally between your top two buttons, but closer to the top one.

How to fix a clip on tie using shoe strings:

If you can run something through the back of the knot without it being very visible, try shoe strings or pipe cleaners.

  1. Run the strings through the knot on the back of the tie all the way around your neck.
  2. Tie the string in the back, and ultimately conceal it under your collar.

TIP: If you tie it tight enough (but without feeling uncomfortable), the knot should lay in a pretty good position.

How to fix a clip on tie using pipe cleaners and a stapler:

One way to fix the clip on your clip on tie is to use pipe cleaners if you have them on hand. For this method, the knot will need the criss-cross pattern on the back that normal ties have (mentioned in the paper clip example).

  1. First, Take a piece of pipe cleaner and cut it to about four and a half inches in length.
  2. Fold the pipe cleaner over twice, so that it has the thickness of three pipe cleaners.
  3. Next, stick one end under the flap of the reverse side of the tie, then fold it over. It should stick up above the top of the tie about an inch.
  4. Before continuing, you will want to staple the pipe cleaner as-is in place to the back of the knot of the tie.
  5. Finally, fold the remaining part back toward the reverse side of the knot. This will serve as the clip.
  6. Hook this over your collar just as the old hook was, and it should keep your tie in place in the same way.

These methods don't permanently fix a clip on tie, but they could help you in a fix!

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