How To Fix A Clothes Line Pole

Need to know how to fix a clothes line pole so you can hang your clothes in the fresh air to dry? Over time, clothes line poles lean and sometimes fall down. However, it's easy to fix the clothes line pole so you can be more energy efficient and save money by air drying your sheets, towels, and clothes.

To fix a clothes line pole, you will need:

  • The existing pole or a new pole
  • Concrete mix
  • An extra pair of hands
  • Water
  • A trowel
  • A wheelbarrow
  • A hammer
  • Nails
  • Round hook screws
  1. Assess the clothes line pole to see what needs to be fixed. Check the cross bar to see if it's loose from the pole. Check where the cross bar and clothes line attach for looseness. Check the pole itself to see if it wiggles in the ground and leans or if it has fallen over completely.
  2. Fix the cross bar. The cross bar is the horizontal bar that holds the clothes lines. On a wooden clothes line pole, the bar may sag or come loose. If it is loose, take a hammer and nails and reattach the bar to the pole.
  3. Fix the clothes line attachment. Usually a minimum of four round hook screws are screwed into a wooden clothes line pole to hold up the clothes line. Sometimes these come loose or fall off over time from the weight of the wet clothes. Reattach the screws by screwing them into place or replace them with new screws. Re-string the clothes line, making sure to pull taunt and tie off the end securely.
  4. Fix the pole. A leaning pole or one that has fallen out of the ground needs to be reset or replaced. Determine if you can use the same clothes line pole or if you need a new pole. Check the hole to see if you need to remove old concrete. If so, break up the concrete with a mallet and remove the chunks of concrete. To reset the concrete, mix up cement and water in the wheelbarrow according to the package directions. Use quick-setting cement. Only mix and pour cement when the temperature will be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Have someone hold the pole in the hole in place. Pour the concrete into the hole. Tamp down the top and level it with the trowel. Hold the pole for at least ten minutes to let the cement set.
  5. Finish the pole. Attach new screw hooks as needed and thread the clothes line, making sure to pull taunt.
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