How To Fix A Computer Keyboard

This is a guide to teach you how to fix a computer keyboard if you have trouble typing. If your computer keyboard isn't connecting properly, that is a problem with the USB connection and you shouldn't try to fix it yourself. Bring it into someone who knows computers. If you have keys that are getting stuck or are typing strangely, it is usually easy to fix a computer keyboard.

  1. Desktop Keyboard. If your desktop keyboard has trouble typing, find the keys that have problems. To fix a computer keyboard, you should just pop out the troublesome key. Get a fork and gently pry the key off the computer keyboard. Don't worry, it's very easy to reattach. Keyboards generally gather dirt, food, and hair as they get older. Clear out the dirty spaces below the keys with a pair of tweezers and put the key back in place.
  2. Laptop Keyboard. Do NOT pry off the keys of a laptop computer keyboard. They won't reattach. Try to gently scrape away at the stuff below the keys with a pair of tweezers. Pluck hair and dirt away. If this doesn't work, you're going to have to order new laptop keys. It's a fairly inexpensive fix.

If your desktop keyboard can't be fixed by taking the keys out, you should probably just buy a new one. They cost very little these days, some are less than $15. It's a better idea to buy one than to try and do the more complicated steps involved with deeply repairing the keys. Trust us.

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