How To Fix Crooked Toes

Many people live with them, but you can learn how to fix crooked toes. They may not seem like a big deal, but if you are living with them, then you know the embarrassment and even pain they can bring. Another name for crooked toes is hammer toes. The bones of the toes are called metatarsals and sometimes the metatarsals do not develop properly or become deformed over time. The toes may have a more buckled appearance rather than lying straight and flat. Shoes can be uncomfortable as well as it can create a self-consciousness that leaves you feeling embarrassed to go barefooted, or wear open-toed shoes. You may want to know how you can fix crooked toes.

Hammer toes are most commonly seen in the second, third, and fourth toes. The toes are typically bent at the joint giving it the shape of a hammer. It can be a deformity from birth or a problem that develops over time due to wearing ill-fitting shoes. Corns and calluses can develop on top of the joint due to constant rubbing on the joint in the shoe. You can learn how to fix crooked toes.

  1. Change the type of shoes you wear. Your toe box should be roomy and not constricting around the toes. To make sure you have a good fit, your shoe should extend 1/2 inch past your longest toe.
  2. Toe exercises are another form of treatment. For a more conservative approach, your doctor may have you try toe exercises that help to strengthen and elongate the muscles in the toes.
  3. Sometimes the conservative treatments do not work and surgery is necessary to fix the toe. If surgery is warranted, it most likely will be done as an outpatient procedure. A popular technique is to cut the tendon that is responsible for causing the toe to curl. Over time, the toe will lay flat and not want to buckle.

There are a few techniques that can be done to fix crooked toes and your doctor will know which one will be the most beneficial to you. He may opt to try the more conservative treatments first before opting for something like surgery. With the different types of treatments available today, surely there is a treatment that can help fix your crooked toes.


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