How To Fix Deep Scratches On A Flatscreen Monitor

There is a deep scratch on your monitor, and you want to know how to fix deep scratches on a flatscreen monitor. No matter how you've gotten the scratched on you flatscreen monitor, there is a huge possibility that you can fix the scratch or at least lessen its appearance. Having deep scratches on a flatscreen monitor is nothing short of utterly annoying and pure frustration. The following method can help fix deep scratches on a flatscreen monitor:

To fix deep scratched on a flatscreen monitor you will need:

  • eyeglasses polishing cloth
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • Vaseline
  • Q-tip-tip
  1. Clean the surface of the flatscreen monitor. Wipe away any dust and dirt by wiping your flatscreen monitor with the eyeglasses polishing cloth. Dilute isopropyl alcohol with water 50/50 in a spray bottle. Spray a few squirts of the solution directly on the flatscreen monitor. Wipe the monitor with your eyeglasses polishing cloth to until the flatscreen monitor is completely clean and dry.
  2. Fill in the scratch with Vaseline. Use a Q-tip to apply the Vaseline generously to the scratch to fill in the entire depth of the scratch. If you have a really deep scratch you will use a lot more Vaseline than if you were fixing a minor scratch.
  3. Remove the access Vaseline. Once the deep scratch on your flatscreen monitor is completely filled with Vaseline, gently wipe off the access Vaseline on the outside of the scratch. Use the eyeglasses polishing cloth to wipe the scratch until the access Vaseline is removed from the flatscreen monitor.
  4. Buff the screen. Find a dry section (or use another one) of the eyeglasses polishing cloth and buff the screen where the scratch is on your monitor. By time you get finished buffing the scratch on your flat screen monitor, the scratch should be noticeably lighter and less apparent. In some cases the scratch may look completely gone.



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