How To Fix Dents From A Bicycle Fender

Want to know how to fix dents from a bicycle fender? Dents present in a bicycle fender can be unattractive, so you may want to know how to remove them. Whether you'll be able to pound out the dents depends on a number of factors, including how big the dents are. Either way, it's certainly worth a try to get those dents out.

What you'll need:

  • Small rubber mallet
  • Bicycle with dented fender
  1. Remove the fender from the bicycle if you cannot get the proper leverage to pound out the dents on the bike.
  2. Hit the under side of the fender with the small rubber mallet in order to remove the dents.
  3. Feel the outside of the fender to make sure you are getting it flush without any part of the fender sticking out too much.
  4. You may have to adjust how hard you pound the fender depending on how big the dents are–you want the fender to be flush.
  5. Check the outside of the fender to see if there are any protrusions. If there are, gently bump them back to a normal position with the rubber mallet.
  6. If you had to remove the fender from the bike, replace it after you fix the dents from the bicycle fender.

It's not difficult to fix dents from a bicycle fender. If the dents are bothering you or if you want to spruce up a bike to be sold, you can easily pound out any dents in the bicycle fender with a small rubber mallet or hammer. All you need is a little time to fix the dents from the bicycle fender and have your bike looking great again.



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