How To Fix Drums For Guitar Hero World Tour On Wii

With the intensity that Guitar Hero drums are played, it is great to know how to fix drums for Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii. The steps are fairly easy to follow and should have your Guitar Hero drums fixed in no time at all. You will need few items to fix the Guitar Hero drums, but it really only takes a little bit of time.

  •  Lace the opposite side

  • Soldering iron

  • Soft Cloth

  • Screwdriver

  • Wii console with Guitar Hero World Tour installed


  1. Check your drums. You may already know that your Guitar Hero drums are not working properly, however, it is best to go ahead and check them to make sure the drum pads are broken. Using the freestyle session on Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii, go ahead and check your drum set noting which pads are giving you problems.

  2. Remove the back of the Guitar Hero World Tour drums. Use your screwdriver and carefully remove the screws located on the back of the Guitar Hero drum set. Carefully remove the back. Set the screws and back of the Guitar Hero drum set to the side.

  3. Check the wires. There should be a red and black wire connected to the drum pads. The black wire connects to the inner portion of the drum pad while the red connects to the outer circle. Check this first. If all the wires appear to be connected, move to the next step.

  4. Clean the wires. Make sure that all the silicone is removed from the pads and wires. Do not use anything other than your fingers or a soft cloth to remove the silicone. Using something other than what is suggested could result in further damage to your Guitar Hero World Tour drums.

  5. Resolder the Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii. Using a soldering iron, you will want to carefully resolder the wires. You may move the wire locations but keep in mind that in order for the Guitar Hero World Tour drums for Wii to work you, will have to keep a black wire touching the inner circles and a red touching the outer circles. If you are unsure of how to solder wires properly, you can refer to Popular Mechanics at

  6. Recover and clean up. Place the cover back on the back of your Guitar Hero World Tour drums for Wii. Make sure the holes for the screws line up. Screw the backing back on the drum set. Wipe down the drum set.


You are now done with fixing your Guitar Hero World Tour drums for Wii. If you still have problems with your drum set then consult a professional. The steps given here are for basic repairs and soldering. If resoldering wires, applying silicone, and ensuring all wires are connected do not lead to a working Guitar Hero World Tour drums for Wii then it may be a deeper electrical issue. However, these steps should have you playing your Guitar Hero World Tour drums for Wii with no problem.

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