How To Fix External Hard Drive

Are you familiar with how to fix an external hard drive? Geeks everywhere have once asked this question. Most external hard drives have one of two problems at some point. They have major problems with bad power cables or USB connectivity. Before online tools like Carbonite, large external hard drives were the only reliable way to back up your desktop.

  1. Check the power cables for proper connectivity. Make sure that the power adapter is properly inserted into the external hard drive base and connected to the socket. You should have a power light on. If you don’t have a power light, move the cable slightly in multiple directions. If the light flashes intermittently, you have a bad cable. Check local electronics stores for a flexible power adapter. Some adapters have more than 20 different adapter tips. Take your adapter with you. If you don’t have power problems go to step two.
  2. Check the USB connection. If the USB connection is bad, you will see the drive appear and disappear from your Windows environment. There are several possibilities here. Replace the USB cable immediately. If that doesn’t work, check the connection to the base. Move the cable back and forth slightly. If the connection is bad, you will have to replace the base of the external hard drive. If the other side of the connection is bad, try another USB port on your computer. If this is not the issue, go to step three.
  3. You connect the drive, it is recognized but there are no files that show up. Unfortunately this is the most dire circumstance. Your drive may have been erased. Your files may be gone. Your drive may have been formatted. The only solution is to copy the files back onto the hard drive or pay a very expensive service to attempt to recover lost files on your system.

This completes the list of the most common external hard drive failures. Hopefully situation three is not your condition. Data vandalism does happen and there is no quick solution for it. Your external hard drive is a very important piece of machinery on your desk. Repairing it can be critical to record keeping, large projects and many other critical business processes.

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