How To Fix A Fan

Knowing how to fix a fan can help you to minimize the squeaky noise they make. However, if this problem should continue on for a period of time, it is not sensible to ignore the task to fix a fan. You might put yourself in harms way, when you have a ceiling fan that wobbles and if its structure is not tightly secured. The blades of the fan could also be damaged overtime, if this issue does not get attention. Because of these reasons, it is important that you fix a fan before a dangerous hazard occurs.

Things you will need to fix a fan:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Ladder
  • Material to clean the fan blades


  1. Secure The Ceiling Fan. One reason for a wobbly ceiling fan is that the structures might need to be fastened. In this case, you would first need to turn off the fan. Climb up on the step ladder, remove the fan from the ceiling, and tighten the screws in the ceiling plate.
  2. Reconnect The Fan. When you fix a fan, you will need to be certain that the screws you tightened are firmly in position. Next, replace the fan in its holder.
  3. Repair The Blades On The Fan. Another justifiable cause for a wobbly ceiling fan is the blades. In order to fix the blades, slowly remove each fan blade from the ceiling with a screwdriver. You may also need to remove the dirt from the blades with the cleaning material. Reinstall the blades and make sure they are fastened securely.
  4. Obtain New Fan Blades. After you fix the fan, if you find that you are still having the same problem, the next logical step is to replace the old fan blades. The reason for  this, is that the blades could be twisted out of shape, which makes them difficult to repair. If you've tried unsuccessfully to reshape the old fan blades, save yourself the hassle, and have them replaced.
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