How To Fix A Garage Door Opener

Learning how to fix a garage door opener is relatively easy. Did you break your previous garage door opener? Did you go pick up a replacement garage door opener but don’t know how to configure it to work with your garage? Well, it’s a pretty easy process. If you didn’t throw away the broken garage door opener. In a matter of minutes, you can program your new garage door opener and get out of the garage. Here’s how to fix a garage door opener.

What you need:

  • small metallic “key” (comes with universal garage door openers)
  1. Your old garage door opener. If you don’t want to buy a new garage door opener, and you want to attempt to fix your current one, try this. Open it up. Take the cover off. Change the battery. If it works then you’re good. If not, then check out the little black pegs. These pegs are set in sequence to match the actual opener attached to the garage. If even one peg is out of place, then the garage door opener won’t work. Make sure that all of them are in place and fastened securely. If the garage door opener still doesn’t work, just get a new one cheapskate.
  2. The new garage door opener. Remember those pegs mentioned earlier. In order to get your new garage door opener to work, the pegs have to match the sequence in the old garage door opener. Use the little wire key to move the pegs in the right place. There may be additional pegs that need to be placed in a certain way. They pertain to the make and model of the garage door opener. The manual that comes with your garage door opener will tell you how to line these particular pegs up. One last thing. There’s a switch somewhere on the new garage door opener. It has options A through D. Make sure you flip that switch to match your old garage door opener. Everything should work just fine now.
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