How To Fix Halo Trial Fatal Errors

The PC port of the Xbox hit "Halo: Combat Evolved" has been under fire several times for its instability and seemingly excessive system requirements, and the trial version is no exception.  Nearly all issues with this game boil down to one of two things: driver issues and hardware requirements.  Any PC manufactured in 2005 or later, however, should be able to handle this game with relative ease.  According to Microsoft, the Halo game requires Windows 98 or higher, a 733 MHz processor, DirectX 9.0 or later, 128 megabytes of RAM, 1.2 gigabytes of available hard disk space, and a 32 megabyte video care with Hardware Transform and Lighting.  If your PC doesn't meet these requirements, you may seriously want to consider an upgrade before trying Halo.

  1. Update your video card drivers – I know you're sick of hearing it.  Every PC game troubleshooting guide starts with this one simple step, but it is important, so just go do it.
  2. Update DirectX – Go to Microsoft's website and download the most recent version of DirectX.
  3. Update Windows – Noticing a trend here?  Select Windows Update from the Start menu.  If there are Important Updates available, install them.  If there are Optional Updates available, install those, too.  Basically, the key here is to make sure that everything is patched and up to date.
  4. Try again – Now that everything has been properly updated, try the game again.  If your system meets the minimum requirements, the game should now be working properly.

Once you've got the trial up and running, there'll be no question that your PC can handle the full game, so if you enjoy it, buy without fear.  Try not to get too involved in the multiplayer, though, as you've got a whole series to catch up on.  Happy headshot hunting!

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