How To Fix A Hard-Locked Nokia 3595

After entering the wrong unlock code several times you may be wondering how to fix a hard-locked Nokia 3595. A Hard-locked Nokia 3595 is created by multiple failed attempts to enter the SIM unlock code. Once the Nokia 3595 becomes hard-locked the process to unlock it involves either using a data cable or clip. The data cable method requires software which is not available in any capacity to the regular public. To fix a hard-locked Nokia 3595 would require very expensive equipment and software which is not practical for unlocking a single phone. The easiest method is to contact the cellular provider and request assistance, typically they are willing to help you.

  1. Contact your cellular provider. Locate the customer service number for your current cellular provider. Typically this number can be found on your bill, the companies website or by dialing a prefix such as *611 on your cellular phone.
  2. Inquire about unlock services. Inquire about the company's policy on unlocking cellular phones and more specifically a Nokia 3595. Many cellular companies will fix a hard-unlocked phone at a service center if you have been a customer for longer than ninety days.
  3. Take the phone to the service center. Locate a service center for your cellular provider. Take the phone to the service center and allow them to fix the hard-lock on your Nokia 3595.

Additional Information:

  • There is no code to unlock a hard-locked Nokia 3595, it must be done with a data cable or clip.
  • Third-party companies may be able to fix a hard-locked Nokia 3595 for a nominal fee.
  • If by chance you own the software or a clip you should consult an operations manual for specific instructions on your model with the Nokia 3595.
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