How To Fix A Hisense Television

The answer to how to fix a Hisense television is basically a disappointing one. In short…“You don’t!”

  1. Clocksmiths and idiots. It’s been said, “Two types of people repair timepieces: clocksmiths and idiots.” So putting this old saying in context, keep it in mind while understanding that a Hisense television is a complex device that can more often times than not only be repaired by a trained professional.
  2. Luck favors the bold…to a certain point. Sometimes fixing a Hisense television involves nothing more than patience, common sense and the ability to leave your toolbox on the shelf. For example, other electrical appliances in your home may be causing mild distortion in picture and/or sound where the operation of your Hisense television is concerned. So, in other words, distance any electric knife sharpeners, battery-operated sex toys and other appliances you might own from the TV before presuming that the television is “broken”. 
  3. In case it hadn’t crossed your mind, you might consider reading your owner’s manual. Believe it or not, most problems concerning home electronics (including a Hisense television) can be resolved by carefully reading the troubleshooting section included in the owner’s manual. And if this fails you should consider calling the customer care center listed within the same literature (as long as you’re prepared to stay on hold for long periods of time before reaching a tech support professional with a pronounced accent you may not be able to discern).         

Then, if all these options fail, you should investigate your warranty for other repair options that won’t involve obsessive cursing, electrical shock and a potential waste of time as you try to fix a Hisense television. (Or you could instead go “old-school” by leaving the TV unplugged and listening to music while reading a book.)         

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