How To Fix HK 47 On KOTOR 1

If you want to know how to fix HK-47 on KOTOR 1 to take advantage of his full potential as an assassination droid, you’ll need to have patience and a knack for tinkering with droids. Once you’ve completed HK’s repairs, you’ll see that he’s well worth all the credits that greedy Ithorian charged you for him. Give HK a powerful blaster rifle to use and you can rest assured that the bloodthirsty droid will efficiently eliminate anyone that messes with you.

  1. Focus on Repair. You can increase your Repair skill no matter what class you are, but it’s quickest and easiest to do it as a Scout/Jedi Sentinel in KOTOR since you get more skill points per level. If you’re not a Scout/Sentinel, increasing your Intelligence attribute whenever possible will help you get more skill points to use. Also keep in mind that having the Gear Head feat will raise your Repair skill by one point. If you do attempt to fix HK-47 before your Repair level is high enough, you'll fail miserably.
  2. Talk to HK-47. You should see a Repair option available. Select it when your Repair level reaches ten. This will raise HK-47’s dexterity from 14 to 16, which makes it more difficult for enemies to hit him in combat and  gives his ranged attacks a boost. 
  3. Attempt another fix. You can improve HK-47’s performance after the next time you level up in KOTOR. When you have a twelve in Repair, chat with HK again and choose the Repair option. A successful fix increases his dexterity by two points.  
  4. Level then try again. Reaching a Repair level of fourteen gives you the opportunity to do further repairs to HK-47. Talk to him again and select the Repair dialog option. This time, HK will get a vitality regeneration of +1. This is similar to the regeneration implant available to humans in KOTOR. 
  5. Do the final repairs. When your Repair level hits seventeen, you can finish fixing HK-47. Completing these repairs gives HK a dexterity increase from eighteen to nineteen, as well as a vitality regeneration increase to +2. 
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