How To Fix A Hole In Your Drum

Need to know how to fix a hole in your drum? This article will guide you through the process to fix the hole in your drum. There are different ways you can fix the drum hole, so lets look at a few of the options.

  1. Use foam. There are foams that come in different consistencies that you could get to put in the hole of the drum. It is possible to choose the color of the foam or you could color it yourself. Then just cut it into a good size and plug it into the hole of the drum. The foam should add to the sound of the drum, not take away from it.
  2. Use cork. Depending on the size of the hole, you can use a wine cork to plug the hole. A cork is dense enough to add to the sound of the drum, instead of taking away from the sound. A cork may be the first option to use instead of foam, depending on the size of the hole. If you have some special cutting devices you could possibly cut the cork to fit the size of the hole in the drum.
  3. Use cardboard and glue. The last alternative would be to use cardboard and glue. This won't be the best sounding but it will do the trick temporarily. If possible, you will want to get foam or a cork to fix the problem. But as long as you have the hole sealed properly it may not affect the sound of the drum.
  4. Go to the shop. If none of these previous options work for you, you can take the drum to a music shop, where they have professional ways of fixing the drum. It is possible the cost could be high, but well worth it if this is what you'd rather do.
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