How To Fix The Home Button On The iPod Touch

Learn how to fix the home button for the iPod Touch. Everyone knows that owning an electronic devices means that sooner or later, you would have to repair something on it. Fortunately, the iPod Touch has only one button to deal with, but even that one button needs attention sometimes. Follow these steps to get your iPod Touch's home button back to normal.

Things you will need:

  • Old, unwanted toothbrush
  1. Begin scrubbing toothbrush between spaces of the home button. Make sure that the toothbrush is completely dry. Having a wet toothbrush could cause water damage to your iPod Touch. Usually when an iPod Touch's screen stops working, it is due to dirt between the spaces of the button. So, scrub the spaces between the home button. If there is any visible dirt, remove it.
  2. Begin tapping the iPod's home button. Make sure that the areas around the iPod Touch's screen is clean and clear. You would need to rock the button back and forth, and left and right. Doing this would help you to stabilize a possibly stuck button. It is best to do this up to three times in a row. Some iPod Touches with a jammed home button could be fixed this way.
  3. Test the iPod Touch's home button. Try navigating with the home button. If there is any activity, then your iPod Touch's home button has been fixed. If not, then you may need to take your iPod Touch into an Apple Store for further inspection. If you have a valid warranty with your device, then you may be able to get it replaced if there is no water damage involved.
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