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For those of us who have had the bad luck of having the pain ingrown nails, we would do anything to know how to fix an ingrown toenail.   An ingrown nail, very much like a bad toothache, can make the most manly of men become whimpering wimps.   An ingrown nail will make its presence known when you press the sides of your toe and you feel a bit of pain around the outer nail areas.  It will be in its advanced stages if you see pus coming out of the sides apart from the inflammation.

To quickly fix your ingrown nail, you will need the following:

  • A small pail or tub of warm water
  • Cotton balls
  • A clean foot towel
  • Alcohol
  • A tolerance for pain


  1. Clean the area.  First of all, put alcohol on a cotton ball and saturate up to 50%.  Dab the inflamed and affected area carefully but firmly.  You may feel a bit of pain but that is expected due to the tenderness.
  2. Relieve the pressure.  Relieve the pressure caused by the pus which occurs around the ingrown nail at this point.  Lightly squeeze your toe but do not force it.  Some pus should come out of the side of your nail, which you should dab off quickly with the cotton balls.  This may be painful at the onset, but as the pus slowly comes out and you dab it off you will feel a bit of relief.
  3. Soak your sorrows away.  Once you feel that enough pus has come out of the inflamed site of the ingrown nail around your affected toe, soak your feet in a small pail or tub of warm water.  It  may also be of help to put a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the water not only to help put down the inflammation, but to get rid of bacteria as well.
  4. Dry up.  After you feel that a significant amount of pain your ingrown toenail has disappeared, take out your feet and clean and dry with a clean foot towel.  It is important that you put this towel into the wash as soon as you finish using it as it will be infected by the pus from your toenail.
  5. Be a Spartan.  Use open ended shoes or sandals until the time that your ingrown nail stops giving you problems.  If you feel that you need to wear socks, then do so but use only clean white socks, since colored socks may have dyes that can infect your nail. Avoid wearing any tapering shoes or shoes that are tight on the sides.  This is a major cause of ingrown nails.
  6. No more Moon Cuts.  Do not trim your nails in a crescent shape for this is can cause ingrown nails. Just cut your nails straight across to avoid any curvature.  Likewise if you are in the habit of visiting the parlor for a pedicure then it may be a good idea to stop getting your feet pedicured.  Manly men do not get their toenails trimmed in a girlie fashion!
  7. Repeat and Observe.  Do these steps  every day for a few days.  Should you feel that there is no improvement in the ingrown going away or the pain lessening on the third or fourth day then it may be time to visit a podiatrist.  This is a person who deals with complications regarding the feet.


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