How To Fix Kitchenaid Mixer Leaking Oil

 If you are lucky enough to own one, you may want to know how to fix a Kitchenaid mixer leaking oil. There are a few things you can do that may help. How much you want to take your mixer apart to get the job done is really up to you. Keep in mind that "tinkering" can void your warranty, so you may want to call the manufacturer first  and see if your mixer is still covered before taking it apart.

  1. Use it more.  The one piece of advice most frequently given to get your Kitchenaid mixer to stop leaking oil is to use it more. Apparently, there's a lifetime supply of oil (actually it's grease) packed in there, and letting it sit idle can cause some leakage. The best solution for this is to simply run your mixer for a while.
  2. Follow Kitchenaid's advice. If you call customer service, they will tell you to  run your Kitchenaid  mixer on high speed (to warm up the oil) then turn it upside down and let it rest for a while. this less than invasive procedure may do the trick.
  3. Take it apart. If those approaches don't work, you can carefully remove the chrome ring and the pin on the shaft and clean all the oil out of the assembly. However, this could do more harm than good, and will void your warranty, so it's probably a better option to take your Kitchenaid mixer to a professional or mail it in to the manufacturer for repair. If you take it apart and find that something is broken, you will have to do that anyway,and at your own expense.  

Hopefully one of these tips will allow you to get your Kitchenaid mixer to stop leaking oil. Just keep in mind that a repair bill will likely cost less than a new Kitcheniad mixer, so proceed with caution if you try the more invasive solutions. Good luck!



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