How To Fix The Lack Of Communication In A Relationship

You need to know how to fix the lack of communication in a relationship if you and your partner aren't talking as much as you'd like to. It's easy to think, "We should talk more," but making it happen can be challenging. You'll fix the lack of communication in your relationship if you and your partner persevere and sincerely try to talk.

  1. Schedule times to talk. Your relationship might suffer from a lack of communication if you or your partner are too busy for long, meaningful conversations. Set aside short times each day and longer blocks of time once or twice a week. During these times, turn off the television, the radio, and your cell phones. Devote your full attention to fixing the lack of communication in your relationship.
  2. Write down what you'd like to say. Sometimes people have time to talk, but when they sit down for a chat, the words won't come out. Confront this problem by writing down ideas in advance. Then, when you're ready to talk, take out the list you wrote down earlier. This will open up communication.
  3. Hold your conversations in a neutral place. If you try to talk in a place that's seen as one person's turf, like a private office, you won't fix the lack of communication in your relationship. Choose a neutral place, like a park or restaurant, and talk there. The conversation will flow more easily when both partners feel like they're on equal ground.
  4. Talk about subjects you don't normally discuss. A lack of communication in a relationship can cause people to focus on one or two issues that haven't been resolved. When they finally start talking, they go over those problem areas again and again. This is part of fixing the lack of communication in a relationship, but don't let negative stuff take over every conversation. After you've talked about areas of disagreement or conflict, change the tone by talking about something fun or unusual.



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