How To Fix An Lcd TV Backlight

Wondering how to fix an LCD TV backlight is a hot question among television owners. This can be a simple or a difficult process depending on your specific TV, but for the most part, TVs have the same designs so it'll be easy to change an LCD TV backlight.

What you will need:

  • Philips or flathead screwdriver (depending on your TV)
  • New led light array (get one specific to your LCD TV to avoid compatibility issues)
  • Container for loose screws
  1. Unscrew the back of the TV. Using the appropriate screwdriver, take the screws out of the back of the TV to gain access to the inside where the old and burnt out LED light array is held for lighting the LCD TV.  Make sure to put these screws in the container you gathered earlier specifically for them. Make sure to put the back of the TV in a place where it won’t be damaged by anything or anyone!
  2. Locate the worn LED backlight array. It should be visible when you first take the back off the LCD TV. The best way to describe how it looks is picturing a long rod with light bulbs in it. It should look, if not exactly, very similar to the new LED light array for the LCD TV.
  3. Detach the old LED light array from the connector in the LCD TV and pull it out. Be careful not to force it out and accidently hit it on anything. Hitting the LED light could possibly cause it to break and shatter glass in the TV, which would present not only a cutting risk, but shards getting into important parts of the LCD TV.
  4. Hook the new LED light array into the same spot you removed the old LED light array. It should fit right into the connector on the LCD TV. Once again, be gentle about this as you don’t want it to break and make for another necessary repair.
  5. Replace the back onto the LCD TV. Screw the old screws back into place, being careful not to strip them and make opening up the TV again impossible!
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