How To Fix Leak On Fiberglass Boat

Learning how to fix a leak on fiberglass boat parts or fiberglass boats can go a long way toward saving boaters time and money. Working with fiberglass is a simple process once you understand how to use it. You will need the material listed below to begin this process.

  • Fiberglass material
  • Resin
  • Catalyst
  • 2" brush with wooden handle
  • Paper cups or bowls
  • Acetone
  • Die grinder with diamond cut blade
  • 40 grit sandpaper


  1. Prepare the area. The first step in any type of fiberglass repair to prepare the area to be fixed. To do this, take the grinder and ground around wear the leak is. In effect, this leaves raw fiberglass exposed so that the new fiberglass will adhere to it. Make sure that the entire area of damage is ground out so that the leak can be fixed completely. Once this is done, rough up the edges around the leak with the 40 grit sandpaper. This provides an additional area for the fiberglass to stick to.
  2. Prepare the fiberglass. To fix the leak on a fiberglass boat, you need to use prepared fiberglass. To do this, simply measure and cut the fiberglass material to the appropriate size.
  3. Mix the resin. Fiberglass resin needs to be mixed with a catalyst in order for it to harden. Follow the measurement instructions on the catalyst to make sure that you are using the correct amount, then mix it with the resin. Do not do this until you are actually ready top apply the fiberglass as the resin will begin to harden when the catalyst is applied to it.
  4. Apply the resin. Apply the resin to the area to be glassed so that the resin will be absorbed on the bottom layer of the fiberglass. To do this, use the brush and even strokes to apply a light layer of resin to the fiberglass boat.
  5. Set the fiberglass. Put the cut fiberglass piece on top of the resin. Apply more resin with the brush so that it soaks in the top of the fiberglass. Using the brush, apply pressure to remove any air bubbles in the fiberglass.
  6. Wait for the resin to harden. Sit back and relax as the resin and the fiberglass "set". Once the material is hardened, you can congratulate yourself for having learned how to fix a leak on fiberglass boat parts and boats! Use acetone to clean tools and surrounding area.
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