How To Fix Locked Hockey Pant

You want your locked hockey pants to fit more comfortable and you need to know how to fix locked hockey pants. Hockey pants are made to be adjusted so that the player can be as comfortable as possible. The pants also allow air to pass through, which may help cool a sweaty player. Because hockey pants have lots of padding and plastic inserts for added protection, the pants can have a tendency to be quite heavy. It is very important that a player adjusts hockey pants allowing lots of flexibility while maintaining comfortable during a game. By following a few basic steps it is quite easy to fix your locked hockey pants.


  1. Locate the adjustable straps. Before you put on your hockey pants find the adjustable straps. This will help you to fix your hockey pants. If needed you can reference you user's guide for assistance. Adjustable straps are usually the straps that wrap around the player's thigh or a belt that goes around the waist.
  2. Put your hockey pants on. While wearing the hockey pants if they are too tight, to make them fit looser adjust the locking strap to where they are looser, but still comfortable. If they are too loose adjust them to fight tighter. There may be some adjustment straps that you cannot reach while the hockey pants are on, such as any thigh straps. In this case, remove the hockey pants to make the proper adjustments.
  3. Adjust additional locking straps. First you must take the hockey pants off, if you haven't already. This will make it easier to adjust any additional straps that were hard to reach while you had on the hockey pants .Some straps may be difficult to adjust because they may have gotten twisted. Untwist these straps and as long as they lie flat they will be easy to adjust.
  4. Check the fit of your hockey pants. Put your hockey pants back on and if they fit comfortably then you are done fixing your locked hockey pants. If they still don't fit to your liking repeat the above steps until you get the right fit.
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