How To Fix A Microphone

The answer on how to fix a microphone is basically dependant on what type of microphone you’re dealing with and the problem you’re having. But since similar principles exist in all such equipment, there are steps that can be taken no matter what.

  1. First check the obvious. Many problems concerning how to fix a microphone are simple ones that can be addressed without actually disassembling it. For example, you should first make sure that it is properly plugged into the cable, amplifier, mixing board, etc. (since sometimes a microphone can be plugged in far enough to convey sound, but not fully connected … and can therefore deliver distortion, static, etc.).    
  2. Next check the not so obvious. Often, problems encountered where a microphone is concerned stem from a short (or shorts) in the cable attached to it. So it’s best to first try using a different cable before jumping to the conclusion that the microphone itself is actually the problem.
  3. Then there’s the even less obvious. Microphones are typically prone to receiving interference from other nearby electrical appliances. So make sure to unplug any peripheral stereo equipment, televisions, etc. before taking more drastic measures to fix a microphone.   
  4. Swallow your pride. Even if you’re a proud “do-it-yourselfer”, the best course to take in fixing a microphone involves dealing with its manufacturer or the sales outlet where you purchased it. Or…you can always consult your trusty owner’s manual that came with the unit.
  5. Break out the tool chest. If all basic solutions fail, you’ll need to open the casing of the unit and check things out. But this is a relatively simple and self-explanatory process that typically requires no more than a slotted or Phillips head screwdriver. 
  6. Once inside… Carefully check all wiring connections for any shorts. Then if any are found, you can easily repair these by using a soldering iron.    


And if all these steps prove to be too daunting, take heart. You can always ignore the microphone by instead just raising your voice.      

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