How To Fix Motorcycle Slipping Gear

Knowing how to fix motorcycle slipping gears can either be easy or difficult because certain problems are easier to fix than others. When not given  immediate or proper attention, faulty slipping gear may lead to motorcycle road accidents. For safety, before you go on a short or long motorcycle ride, check your breaks and slipping gear

What you need:

  • Motorcycle Oil
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Gloves
  • Washing Solvent
  • Containers (for oil)
  1. Adjustments may solve the slipping gears problem. One thing to keep in mind is to adjust every part of your motorcycle to receive the highest throw with only a little free play. A common adjustment that can be done easily is adjusting the clutch cable, which shouldn’t be too tight but also not too loose. In the event when slipping gears are found and are accompanied by the chain disengaging, you may need to adjust the chain itself.

  2. Check the oil. Look inside the gearbox and see if the oil is at the right level. The lack of oil may also cause slipping gears or experience difficulty in switching gears. The oil that you use must be the proper oil to be used for the kind of gearbox you have.

  3. Clean/Replace the plates. In some cases, slipping gears problem is caused by dirty or worn out plates. To do this step, open the clutch cover and properly lift all the plates, replace the worn or bended ones, lubricate the new plates and then arrange them inside the clutch.

  4. Maintain the oil or replace it. Replace the oil, letting it drain while it is still hot, this way most of the oil will flow out. After draining, you may pour in a bottle of washing solvent and go for a short ride to let the solvent be pumped around and in between the plates. Then, drain the washing solvent and pour in the oil properly. If you don’t have any washing solvent, you may just drain the old oil and pour in the new one provided that you’re not using a different brand of oil from your previous. Replace the filter with a new one and make sure it is sealed well.

  5. Check the kind of oil you use. There are kinds of oil which has high lubricating properties which can cause the clutch to lose grasp or unable to function properly. Look for quality oil in that has more cooling properties which the clutch needs.

  6. Change your riding style. Think about how you ride you motorcycle; the cause may be your riding style when you’re switching gears or maybe not but it is better to always ride with care to avoid any further inconvenience. This can also cause slipping gears.



  • For two stroke motorcycles you may use 80w motorcycle oil, while for the four stroke use 15w40 or better.
  • Some motorcycle parts differ from one maker to another, so it’s best to check on your user manual first before dismantling the parts.
  • Replacing the oil only applies to four stroke motorcycles since two stroke motorcycles pumps the oil around and eventually gets burnt.
  • Semi synthetic oil is preferred to a wet clutch because it has more cooling properties which the clutch needs to avoid slipping gears or the clutch not working properly.
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