How To Fix An Oblique Jones Fracture

Want to learn about how to fix an Oblique Jones Fracture?

What is an Oblique Jones Fracture?

An oblique bone fracture occurs when the bone is broken at a diagonal angle to the axis of the bone. Most oblique fractures occur at the humorous or femur, the long bones in the body. An oblique Jones fracture occurs in the fifth metatarsal of the foot. The fifth metatarsal is located at the base of the small toe at the proximal end, which is in the midsection of the foot. For this reason the oblique Jones fracture is commonly referred to as the dancer's fracture.

What Causes Oblique Jones Fractures?

Oblique Jones fractures can be caused by a trapping of the bone where one bone twists over the other. One ways this can occur is if the foot becomes trapped and the leg twists over the foot. Athletes and dancers are the most susceptible to this type of fracture.

What are the Symptoms of an Oblique Fracture?

Oblique Jones fractures will cause pain in the middle region of the foot and are often accompanied by swelling of the area. The oblique Jones fracture will cause difficulty in walking. The symptoms are often not an obvious fracture and are often mistaken for sprains.

How is an Oblique Jones Fracture Treated?

The amount of damage to the bone will determine the method of treatment for an oblique Jones fracture. If the damage is minimal and the break will not inhibit movement of the foot in the future, a plaster cast, splint, or walking boot will be used to treat the fracture. No weight should be placed on the foot until approved by a doctor. In some cases of oblique Jones fractures, a surgical remedy is required.  Reconstructive surgery will be performed on the oblique Jones fracture to replace the bone in the proper location. Then the bone will be secured with a plaster cast. If the damage is extensive, metal rods and screws will be used to hold the bone in place and provide support as the bone heals to maintain the correct positioning of the bone. In some cases, repair will also need to be done on the ligaments surrounding the bone that has been broken.

Oblique Jones fractures can become a recurring condition if the bone fails to heal properly. It is extremely important to follow doctor's orders for the entire time it takes to heal the fracture. If the fracture heals incorrectly, the only solution is to rebreak the foot and reset the bone and may require up to 20 weeks in a cast.

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