How To Fix A Piano Accordian

The piano accordion has been around a number of years and you might be wondering how to fix a piano accordion. However, many people find that they can’t fix the accordion's keyboard. Fixing the keys on the piano accordion’s keyboard is actually quite easy to do. This article will walk you through the steps so you know just what to do.

You will need to fix your piano accordion:

  • A rag
  • Green scrubber
  • Toothbrush
  • All-purpose oil
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  1. Remove the accordion's faceplate. Use the screwdriver to do so.
  2. Remove the spindle. The spindle should be located on the bottom edge of the piano accordion’s keyboard. Make sure you don’t bend it.
  3. Remove the keys, making sure you keep them in order.
  4. Clean the piano keys. Put a drop of oil on the toothbrush and brush over the flanges. Remove the other gunk with the scrubber. Wipe the oil with the rag from the inside of the accordion.
  5. Put the keys back on the keyboard in the correct order.
  6. Put the spindle and grill back on. If you have some problems, take the accordion apart and try again.

Remember, you have to pay attention to detail when fixing your accordion's keyboard. You must also realize that each piano accordion is different. When you understand this, you will do just fine. Just remember this when you are trying to fix the keyboard. It might seem hard, but this is one of the easiest repairs to be done. Now that you have fixed the key's on the piano accordion, have some fun and get the family together for a great party and dance your heart out.

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