How To Fix A Piano Key That Wont Play

Want to know how to fix a piano key that won't play? Sometimes a piano key will barely play before it won't play at all. It can be very annoying to have one of the keys on your piano not work. This article will help you through a systematic process to troubleshoot, locate and fix the problem of the silent piano key.

  1. Locate the hammer and adjust it. First you will need to locate the piano key that won't play in the mechanics of the piano. Open the piano lid and press on the piano key that isn't playing. Check to see if the hammer mechanics are or are not working. If it isn't working then you will need to either fix it or readjust it to hit the sting properly. If the hammer and components are broken you can order the parts from a music store or specialty website. If you don't have the tools to repair the hammer, usually a piano tuner will be able to fix the hammer and components for you, very easily. Just looking at the hammer and components you can easily see how everything works and can easily repair it yourself if you want too.
  2. Check the string. Sometimes the reason the piano key won't work is due to a tear in the piano string. Press the piano key to locate the broken key in the piano. Check the string to make sure it has no tears in it. If it has a tear in it you will have to buy a new string and replace it. This is easy to do. Usually a turner key is inside the piano. Also, a professional piano tuner could replace the string for you if you wish.
  3. Tuning. Lastly, but not always, it may be that a piano string out of key won't make a sound. Tuning the piano string will usually take care of this problem.
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